Who Are You When No One is Watching?

Who Are You When No One is Watching?Last week, I had a dream that was so vivid I could not shake it when I awoke. Its message was so profound that I knew it had to be the topic of my next devotional.

I was in a car, parked in a line while waiting to get into what I believe was an amusement park. We must have been waiting for a long time because one young child was out of the car playing. The child went to the rear driver-side tire of the car in front of me and straddled it. The child was only about 4 years old, so she was short enough that the driver could not see her. I said to myself, “That car is going to run over her foot if she is still there when the line starts to move.” I even thought to myself that I should get out and tell the little girl to move or alert the driver that she was there. I didn’t say a thing. The line started to move and I watched in slow motion as the car drove over the girl’s foot. The playful smile on the girl’s face changed to agony and confusion.

But, the location of the waiting line of cars had changed. We were now in the drop-off lane at my church. I went into Sunday service feeling very guilty. I felt a sense of urgency about getting a prayer intention to the pastor. When he asked for prayer intentions, I offered up the girl. Inside, though, I knew it was my fault that she was the subject of a prayer intention.

This dream had a profound effect on me. What am I doing in my personal life that I would be sheepish of admitting in front of my pastor or the Lord? My pastor may not see all of my actions, but God does. He is not fooled.¬†Further, do I just sit and watch when I see others commit ungodly or dangerous acts? My husband has always said “Integrity is doing what is right when no one is watching.” I would say the same thing about being a Christian.

Are you being a witness only when you believe the right people are watching? Are you helping steer others on the right path? Or, are you standing by and watching while the car runs over the little girl’s foot?

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  1. Surrounded by the Spirit

    Hi Lisa! I am coming over from Roxie’s blog-hop.

    I think I would have woken up from that dream in a cold sweat! Wow, that was powerful. I agree that I need to be a consistent person, no matter the situation or who is watching. It has to come from a place of grace, and that’s with the Lord.
    Nice to meet you! And to read one of your past posts too.

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