What is Your Golden Calf?

Worshiping the golden calf

Worshiping the Golden Calf, illustration published in 1901






Have any of these things become idols in your life?

For many of us, we have a golden idol in our lives, just as the Hebrews created in Exodus 32. No, it’s not a golden calf, but it’s an idol nonetheless.

People kill for money. They ruin relationships over money. They gamble, cheat, or steal. Even for us common, upstanding folks, we sometimes prioritize money over family, simplicity, and God.

Has your job taken over your life? I’m not talking about giving 110% while you are there. I’m talking about having your job occupy the #1 spot in your life. Stepping over anyone who is in your way and neglecting family and friends so you can rise to the top?

Are your hobbies and sports becoming an obsession? Are your kids involved in a sports league that plays on Sunday and requires you to miss church?

Family, you say? Yes, family. But, how could a family be an idol in your life? Are you the kind of parent who indulges your child? Do you give your children the impression that “it’s all about them”? Are you argumentative toward teachers who dare say your child has acted inappropriate in class? Then your child has become an idol.

Our society tells us our family should be our main priority. In reality, God should be our main priority. When God is the focus of our family life, it only enhances our relationships.

God’s anger burned toward the Hebrews when they created the golden idol. He had just given them the Commandment that they should have no other gods but him. It must’ve been a great disappointment. God had done so much for the Hebrews and this is the thanks He gets?

Fortunately for us, God forgave over and over again in the Bible and He still does today. Seek forgiveness for the idols you have created in your life and purpose to change your priorities.

In today’s self-centered “me first” world, it’s sometimes hard to keep God first. I stop to refocus, but I’ll be the first to admit that I slip. Let this be a call to all of us to shift our focus to the Lord. When He is at the top of our list of priorities, we can never go wrong.


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