Throw away Your Ibuprofen! Drink this Tea for Migraines!

Throw Away Your Ibuprofen! Drink This Tea for Migraines!, Discover Teas Earthbound AngelThroughout the course of this blog, I have chronicled my homeopathic experiments to control my migraines. My efforts have been very successful. In the past four months, I have only had two full-on migraines. For me, that is a spectacular improvement. That’s not to say I haven’t developed a headache here and there. But, even the headaches are infrequent. When one does pop up, I drink a cup of Earthbound Angel from Discover Teas.

*I was compensated for writing this post, but I am sharing this product with you because it has been a life-changer for me. I only endorse products that I feel will help my readers.*

When I feel a headache coming on, I fix myself a cup of iced Earthbound Angel. The last thing I want when I’m headachy is hot tea. So, I steep 1 teaspoon of Earthbound Angel in 8 ounces of water for 5 minutes, then pour in a pint glass and add ice to the top of the glass and mix. I am amazed at how quickly this works. Within a half hour, I realize I no longer have a headache. Most migraine sufferers will agree with me that it is virtually impossible to get rid of a headache that is on its way to a migraine. This does the trick!

The Sri Lankan black tea gives you the kick of caffeine you need to constrict blood vessels and reduce pain. The ginger helps soothe stomach upset. The other teas and herbs in the blend – rooibos, lavender, calendula, among others – were chosen by the herbalist on staff at Discover Teas to maximize the health benefits of this tea.

Earthbound Angel is not recommended for prevention of migraines. Its purpose is to stop the progression of a migraine at its onset. For me, it has stopped a headache already a few hours in the making.  For the record – those two migraines I’ve had in the past four months occurred when I didn’t have access to Earthbound Angel.

If you are a migraine sufferer, please consider buying a bag of Earthbound Angel. It is available online through the Discover Teas website. Or, if you are in Williamsburg or Newport News, Virginia, stop by their tea lounge and sample one or more of their blends.

No more ibuprofen! No more Excedrin! Your liver will thank you. Your stomach will thank you.

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    1. Lisa Post author

      You’re welcome. I will continue to share ways that I deal with my migraines naturally, so encourage her to subscribe! I definitely empathize with her and would love to be able to help her.

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