The Wellness Wife’s Clean Eating Menu

How’s your homework from yesterday going? Excited? Enthusiastic? Stumped? Confused? The Wellness Wife is here with a sample menu that may help guide you through your transition to clean eating.

Here is a normal day for me:

  • Breakfast – DO NOT SKIP! I have a smoothie every day – It really will sustain you. Believe me.
  • Snack – Consumed about two hours after breakfast. It could be celery with almond butter, carrot sticks, a small bowl of fruit, 12 almonds, a 1/4 cup of pumpkin or sunflower seeds, or a cheese stick.
  • Lunch – I eat a lot of leftovers. If you cooked a healthy meal the night before, there’s no reason why you can’t have another helping of it for lunch! If I’m low on leftovers or I have leftover beans or chicken, I will make a salad. A salad with a protein on it such as black beans, chick peas, grilled chicken, or tuna (be sure to buy low mercury and don’t consume often) will get you through the rest of the day for sure! Be careful of your dressing though. Most dressings are full of junk. It’s always better to make your own.
  • Snack – Don’t forget to have another snack about two hours after lunch. This will help you from being famished at dinner and subsequently overeating.
  • Dinner – I can’t possibly list all of the possibilities. Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Pinterest for lots of great recipes as I post them. You can also check out my favorite sites, The Gracious Pantry, My Whole Food Life, and The Food Babe.

Come back tomorrow as I profile my husband’s clean eating menu. Men generally have to consume more calories in a day than women because of their size, exercise regiment, or the nature of their job. Therefore, his will look a little different than mine, but with the same approach. See you tomorrow!

Berry SmoothieBerry Smoothie

Blend in blender. I have a Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal Blender with Travel Lid, Black and love it for its convenience and portability.

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