The Promise of Peace and Quiet

“My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.” Isaiah 32: 18 ESV

Isaiah 32:18A tapestry with this verse on it hangs on the wall in our home. It is my dream to ultimately live this peaceful kind of existence. My husband and I have a vision of the “front porch swing” retirement. A quiet, peaceful, simple life. You don’t have to be Jewish or Christian to want this for your life. Minimalist living is becoming trendy. Companies that specialize in tiny houses of 400 square feet or less are on the rise. Some of my favorite blogs are written by those who practice modern homesteading. People are tired of the man-made clutter that has consumed our lives. An unnecessary amount of Americans are in debt because they can’t stop buying stuff. Stuff does not make you happy. On the contrary, stuff makes you stressed.

Isaiah’s promise in Isaiah 32: 15-20 is that once the Spirit comes, wilderness becomes a fruitful field and this will bring righteousness, peace, quietness, and trust. Why these qualities? Because, when we take the time to smell the flowers in the field, we will feel peace and quietness. Peace and quietness bring us a clarity that enables us to trust God and ourselves. When we put trust in God and ourselves, we are on the path of righteousness. May we all reflect on how we can allow the Spirit to bring peace and quiet into our lives.

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6 thoughts on “The Promise of Peace and Quiet

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  2. Roxy

    I believe the Lord is allowing us to see that things do not make us happy! We will see a revival of His love and strength, it is people He loves and cares about and He wants that from us also!
    I would take a 4oo sq. ft cabin and a stream. As weI live on 40 acres and it requires much more work ;o)

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  4. Dawn Muir

    Wow, this is exactly what I want as well. I love that verse. I definitely long for the front porch life where the inside of my house is not full of clutter and I can sit and relax on a daily basis. I think that is one of the reasons I am so excited to move out further into the country. Give me a front porch swing and a nice sunrise or sunset and I am happy!

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