What I’m Reading Wednesday: The Gospel of Jesus, Narrated by Garrison Keillor

The Gospel of JesusThis should actually be titled, “What I’m Listening to Wednesday.” I listen to most of the books I feature in the car. I get the books on CD through my local library. But unlike most of them, this one is meant to be listened to. That is because it is narrated by Garrison Keillor.

Most of you know Garrison Keillor’s voice from his A Prairie Home Companion series. His calm tone and unusual cadence can almost lull one to sleep.

In The Gospel of Jesus, the four gospels are combined into one flowing story that tells the entire life of Jesus chronologically. Garrison Keillor’s narration is as folksy as ever, as if a grandfather has a grandson on his knee while reading him the Bible.

This is an excellent family companion for a long car ride. Instead of listening to the kids argue in the back seat, wouldn’t it be great to calm them with the voice of Garrison Keillor and the healing words of scripture? This Book on CD is a must for your next family vacation!


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