The Best Recycled Note Cards in North America

A few months ago, I participated in the Letter Writing Campaign at The Paper Chronicles. This is an on-going campaign to encourage people to dust off their old stationary and write a letter in exchange for free note cards or stationary from one of their sponsors.

I wrote a letter to The Paper Chronicles on a sheet of beautiful, dainty, recycled notepaper I received as a gift years ago. The Paper Chronicles published my letter and sent me an awesome note card “Emergency Pack” from Jonesy that included thank you cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, and generic note cards.

Jonesy: The Best Recycled Note Cards in North America

My “Emergency Kit”


Jonesy uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, soy ink, and biodegradable packaging. My “Emergency Pack” came with four eco-friendly pens, also made with recycled paper and printed with environmentally friendly ink. Jonesy goes above and beyond their products by supporting many organizations in their community.

In my humble opinion, the environmental consciousness, the community involvment, and the awesome designs make this Canadian business the best recycled card company in North America!

You can purchase Jonesy’s note cards and pens individually, boxed, or wholesale.

I wanted to write this post earlier to let you know about this great campaign and about Jonesy. Christmas got in the way. Then crazy life stuff got in the way. During this time, I also neglected my pen pal, Crystal from Tidbits of Experience. So, when I broke out my “Emergency Kit” to write a long overdue letter to Crystal, I felt compelled to finally write to you about The Paper Chronicles and Jonesy.

Jonesy Recycled Note Card and Pen

I chose these to use first because I’m longing for leaf and butterfly weather! Aren’t they pretty!

If you would like free note cards or would like to donate samples of your note cards to the cause, visit The Paper Chronicles. Let’s usher in a new era of letter writing! Don’t let a lack of paper be your excuse. The Paper Chronicles will give you some for free and Jonesy will be happy to sell you some!

The written word is dying out. Don’t let it. Whether you are writing a letter to your 80-year-old grandmother or your 6-year-old niece, dust off that old notepaper! Read my post, The Importance of Writing Letters for inspiration!

If you would like a pen pal for your child, click here to learn more about my ongoing Kids’ Pen Pal Exchange. Keep the next generation writing!


12 thoughts on “The Best Recycled Note Cards in North America

  1. Dawn Muir

    I love the Paper Chronicles idea of reviving the written letter. I donated to them as well and loved the notecards I received. I try to send cards and letters whenever I can, and it is nice to know there are recycled options out there.

  2. Crystal From Tidbits of Experience

    Great minds think alike. I literally already wrote you a letter yesterday and it’s going in the mail today.

    Thank you so much for the shout out. These cards look lovely!! I can’t wait to see it in real life.

    You’re so right the art of writing on paper seems to be fading, but it’s such a treasure to get them. There’s something about writing on paper outside that still warms my heart to the tee. :)

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