The Best of The Wellness Wife

This weekend, I am attending the Focused Blogging Conference in Richmond. I’ll be getting a lot of new visitors to my blog. What a great time to reacquaint my loyal readers with some of the most popular posts on The Wellness Wife and to introduce new readers to what I’m all about!

My blog focuses on physical, financial, environmental, and spiritual wellness. So, I’ll list the top post of all time in every category with a few bonus categories mixed in.


Best of The Wellness Wife


My Disclaimer: Relieving Pinterest and Blog Anxiety

Physical Wellness: This is a very broad topic, which touches on many things. It’s not just exercise. Stress affects your physical health. Healthy recipes nourish your body and ward off illness. Natural remedies help us stay healthy or alleviate symptoms. I could go on and on. If I listed one in every subcategory, you’d be reading all day. Here’s the #1 overall: The Harmful Preservative Lurking in Practically Everything

Financial Wellness: This would be anything that helps you save money. Duh. Inexpensive Fix for Water Stains on Furniture

Environmental Wellness: A Fun Way to Recycle Your Fashion Accessories

Spiritual Wellness: Reasons Not to See the “Noah” Movie

Recipe: Anti-Inflammatory Quinoa Salad

Devotional: My Desperation Prayer

Guest Post: This is actually the #1 post on my blog and I didn’t even write it! Kudos to Stephanie who is amazing! Using Essential Oils to Relieve Chemotherapy Side Effects

Travel: Healthy Travel Destination: Lexington, Virginia

Craft: Recycled Yogurt Cup St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

There you have it! Which is your favorite post on The Wellness Wife?

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