TearsWhen we think of tears, at some point we realize that it is not just water coming out of our eyes. We shed tears for many, many reasons. As newborn babies, we shed tears for any and everything that we need or want. As we start growing up we begin to think that shedding tears makes us very weak and we don’t want to be recognized as being so. As life goes on, we see that even a common cold, flu, or sinuses can cause us to shed a tear or two.

In life, we see that many situations can cause us to shed more tears than we care to. We shed tears for joy and we shed tears for sorrow. We shed tears in the open and we shed them in secret. If we were to measure all the tears that we shed in a lifetime, we could probably water and grow our own garden of fresh vegetables, except they would be fresh emotions.

We sometime question why we have to shed tears. Where did the tears come from? We say to ourselves, “I wasn’t trying to cry,” but there was no control over those tears. God gave us tears to release what doesn’t need to be held inside. God is here for us and he is here to “wipe away all our tears” regardless of where they originated.

Those tears that we shed may have come from sorrow but are totally replaced with joy! That sorrow is something that we must take and place on a platter and give to God. Our joy can be tripled once we start believing God can wipe away our tears. David spoke in the Book of Psalms, “those who sow in tears shall reap in joy!” When you know that God can wipe away all your tears and help your garden grow, you can’t help but be blessed!

Today’s guest blogger is Dionne Williams, BS, owner of Agape Wellness, www.AgapeWellnessVa.com. Wellness is a strong component in achieving total peace spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and environmentally.  Agape Wellness can assist you in those areas and many others through group seminars, as well as one on one personal settings.  Agape Wellness is a educational service which helps individuals and groups or businesses attain one of the greatest gifts of all….”total health.” Agape Wellness is a small business specifically for women of all shapes, sizes, and colors….to achieve optimal health.  

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2 thoughts on “Tears

  1. Cathy Colbert

    I think I will soon be an expert at tears!! I have cried enough to make a pond so hopefully these are healing tears from God.

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