Stress Relief Techniques for the Holidays

Stress relief is a huge part of personal wellness. Stress eats at you emotionally and ultimately physically. It’s sad because so much stress is unnecessary and self-created.

I started seeing Christmas commercials the day after Halloween. I guess we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving anymore. What this means is that the Christmas season, the ultimate example of self-generated stress, has begun.

Relieving Holiday Stress

Everyone loves Christmas. Everyone hates Christmas. Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t be a hater. Stop the insanity now (before it starts) by attending a great presentation by Jaynee Sasso of Care Keepers, Inc.:

How to PACE Yourself During the Holidays

Thursday, November 13, 6:30

Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance 

421 N. Boundary Street

Come and meet The Wellness Wife, Jaynee, and other like-minded individuals who are looking to learn more about holistic health and wellness.

You can RSVP at my Facebook page. RSVPs are not necessary, but it’s always nice to have an idea of how many are coming.

Can’t make it, but would like to attend future events? Email me at to be added to the email list.

If you’re not in the area (or even if you are!) check out these previous posts on stress relief for tips on how to control stress at the holidays and year-round:

Hope I see you next Thursday but I realize a good portion of my readers are not in the Williamsburg area. Let’s start the discussion right here so everyone can join in – what are your holiday stress relief techniques?

4 thoughts on “Stress Relief Techniques for the Holidays

  1. Coco

    I love your “don’t be a hater”! I think the commerical stuff starts too early, so I resist it for too long and then all of a sudden it’s almost Christmas and I’m not ready. I try to follow the church Advent rituals, so that helps.

    1. Lisa Post author

      Thanks for bringing up Advent. Advent is technically supposed to be similar to Lent, where we wait and pray in anticipation for the birth of Jesus. Then the celebration is supposed to be the time between Christmas and the Epiphany. Not anymore!

    1. Lisa Post author

      Great suggestion. I never used to need to make lists. I had a mind like a steel trap. Now, it’s necessary for me if I don’t want to forget something.

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