Saving Money and Eating Healthy on I-95

Since I love travelling so much, I’m going to start a new series called “Travel Tuesday.” Periodically on Tuesdays, I will post on how to save money when travelling and how to eat healthy when travelling. It CAN be done!Maryland House Rest Stop

I travel I-95 between Richmond, Virginia and Wilmington, Delaware pretty frequently. Given that 18% of the U.S. population lives in the Boston to D.C. megalopolis, I think a good number of people travel this road with me. Hopefully, this information will help you on your next mid-Atlantic adventure.

Must Stop Gas Fill-up – Exit 104 (Carmel Church/Bowling Green, Virginia) – As of today, gas prices at the stations at this exit are $3.19. According to GasBuddy, the current national average is $3.51. We ALWAYS stop on the way to and from our destination.

Healthier Pit Stop #1 – Exit 163 (Lorton, Virginia) – zpizza – I haven’t stopped here yet, but I’ve eaten at another zpizza location and was excited to see it pop up on the “Food” sign for this exit. Zpizza has gluten-free and vegan options and great salads. Their ingredients include organic crust and tomato sauce, MSG-free pepperoni, and additive-free sausage.

Healthier Pit Stop #2 – Mile Marker 81.9 (Harford County, Maryland) – Maryland House – Wow is all I can say after stopping at this rest stop. The old Maryland House was dingy and full of the typical rest stop fast food. Not anymore. This rest stop was closed for over a year and the old building was torn down. The new building is bright and cheery and actually makes you want to stop as opposed to stopping only out of convenience and necessity. I got black beans and brown rice with a mango salsa from Currito Burrito for only $3.99. It was outstanding and the perfect portion for lunch on the go. They also have a convenience store inside that is overflowing with gluten-free, organic, and other healthy options. The refrigerated section had salads, wraps, sandwiches (including gluten-free), and fresh fruit and vegetables. Packaged snacks included brands such as Gnu Foods, Mrs. Mays, Fruit Bliss, Good Health, and Go Organic. I was very impressed.

Snacks at Maryland House

Snacks at Maryland House

Check these places out when traveling on I-95. It will make your travels a lot more pleasant.

Wishing you safe, healthy, and affordable travels!


3 thoughts on “Saving Money and Eating Healthy on I-95

  1. Robert

    any info on eating healthy from VA to FL will be appreciated
    have driven this route for over 30 years but now doing it again on regular basis, need better eating options! Thanks

  2. Dawn Muir

    I stop at the Maryland House all the time when I go to visit my folks. The new one is definitely better and full of low priced, good options!

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