Recycled Yogurt Cup Easter Basket

I love working with yogurt cups. Since they are generally not recyclable, I have been on a quest for quite some time to find different uses for them. Here’s my newest creation to help celebrate Easter!

Recycled Yogurt Cup Easter Basket

Recycled Yogurt Cup Easter Basket

  • 1 yogurt cup
  • acrylic paint in colors of your choice
  • 1 inch foam brush
  • smaller brush for detail work
  • glue – regular old Elmer’s worked fine for me
  • 1 piece of colored paper – I used a recycled envelope and painted it
  • craft paint tray or something to pour the paint into (I’ve actually used yogurt cups for this, especially when kids are involved.)
  • Easter grass
  • Easter egg or other basket filler

The best yogurt cups are the ones that have a wrapper to remove because it leaves you with a plain white template. I use Alpina. Once wrapper is removed, paint outside and inside with your desired color with the foam brush. Once dry, put on the handle with just a tiny amount of glue. Add embellishment. Dots are a great go-to if you don’t feel adventuresome. Once the embellishments are dry, put in a small amount of Easter grass and top with an egg. Make this your own!

My goal when I make recycled crafts is to buy nothing to create the craft. Maybe I would’ve liked a splash of pink or lavender on my basket, but I don’t have those paint colors. I don’t have construction paper, so I used recycled paper and painted it. I already had the Easter grass and egg. Now I have a cute little homemade decoration that cost absolutely nothing to make! The Wellness Wife loves to save the environment and money at the same time!

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