One Minute Recycled Bottle Bud Vase

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! This recycled craft comes a day late, but you can use it for any occasion. Especially with all those spring flowers right around the corner!

My stepdaughter came home with a rose from the Valentine-gram exchange at her school. My bud vase was already in use, so I scavenged for something else I could use. In the back of my cabinet, I found some old bottles I had kept as souvenirs from my travels – a Coca-Cola bottle from Italy, a water bottle from the Old Jameson Distillery in Ireland, and a dated Christmas Coca-Cola bottle. I also found a plain, non-souvenir Coca-Cola bottle and chose to use that.

Recycled Bottle Bud Vase

Since I don’t encourage drinking soda and we no longer keep it in our house, a plastic water bottle will do just fine for this craft. Remember to fill the bottle with water first.

Recycled Bottle Bud Vase Step 1

The rose came wrapped in pretty tissue paper so I just used that. You could really dress it up with some burlap or lace!

Recycled Bottle Bud Vase Step 2

I gathered up the tissue paper around the bottle and tied it with the ribbon that was tied around the tissue paper and rosebud.

Recycled Bottle Bud Vase Step 3

Voila! You have a cheery, festive bud vase. I used a recycled bottle and supplies I already had on hand, so it cost me nothing and literally took me one minute to make. This would make a great centerpiece at parties and showers. Subscribe to The Wellness Wife for more recycled craft ideas as I post them.

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