New Year’s in August: 4 Ways to Make Resolutions Now

Last month, I featured a Christmas in July series. I wasn’t the only one. Every year, TV stations, churches, and stores have “Christmas in July” specials. If we remember Christmas in July, then we should remember New Year’s in August.

And, how are we going to do this? By starting our New Year’s resolutions now! 

New Year's in August: 4 Ways to Make Resolutions Now

  1. Exercise resolutions: January 1st is the worst time to make a resolution to lose weight. It’s cold out and in some areas of the country, icy and snowy. The only way you can get a good exercise at that time of year is through gyms (which cost money) or DVDs (which aren’t bad but still cost money unless you get them from the library or on the TV). Right now, the weather is perfect for a walk every day and it’s only going to get nicer. Who doesn’t like a nice walk through the woods in the fall? Get started now and I’ll bet you’ll have more success!
  2. Lose weight/healthier eating resolutions: I don’t know about you, but summer throws me off my eating plans as much as Christmas does. Vacations, ice cream, cookouts, and busy schedules have all of us carrying a few extra pounds by August. So start with your weight loss/healthier eating resolutions now! Subscribe to The Wellness Wife for recipes and fitness tips throughout the year. Follow me on Pinterest for even more great recipes and exercise tricks.
  3. Financial resolutions: When working on financial goals, the more time the better. If you are going to get started saving money or looking for a new job or cutting spending, you’ll have a 4 1/2 month jump start on the goal if you start now instead of in January. Save now for Christmas and you won’t be depressed in January when the credit card bills come.
  4. Spiritual resolutions: Read the Bible in a year, pray more, start going back to church every Sunday, tithe more – whatever your personal spiritual resolution is, please don’t wait until January to make it. Set those goals now! We should never wait for the best or most convenient time to reconnect ourselves with our faith. NOW is always the time to draw closer to God!

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8 thoughts on “New Year’s in August: 4 Ways to Make Resolutions Now

    1. Lisa Post author

      Thanks, Shannon! You’re getting ready for the most important “new” thing of all so I think you’ve got all the changes you need right now!

    1. Lisa Post author

      I still remember that feeling of being a student and having all new supplies and brand new shoes! Now, as adults, we can get excited about new beginnings, too! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Lisa Post author

      Great way of looking at it, Coleen! Back to school is definitely a new beginning. And with my stepdaughter going off to college, it’s definitely a new beginning for us!

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