My Journey toward Holistic Health: A Story of Relief from Chronic Pain

Migraine and Sinus Pain

He’s having my brand of migraine – pain in the eyes, bridge of the nose, and back of the neck.

You could say that my passion for holistic health care developed as a result of my migraines and chronic sinus infections as a teenager and young adult. Doctors, allergists, and even the dreadful allergy shots did not help cure my almost daily migraines and frequent sinus infections. So, as a very young adult, I realized I had to become my own advocate. I had to do my own research.

I have argued with many a doctor over prescriptions I have chosen to discontinue taking or refused to fill. As a teenager, I started taking Propranolol and Midrin for migraines. Propranalol lowers your blood pressure. Since I didn’t have high blood pressure, the drug made my blood pressure 90/50. I was practically dead.

I dealt with this for awhile, but still got headaches every day until I went to an allergist and started treating my allergies and sinus problems. My headaches were still frequent, but definitely better. At my next neurologist appointment, I said I was ready to go off migraine medication because I had seen an improvement since I had started treating my allergies and was not developing as many sinus infections. He said I should keep taking them. I told him I wouldn’t. I was about 18 years old when my first battle with a medical professional took place. My mom should’ve written it in my baby book…

I wasn’t totally pure, though. I was being treated with prescription allergy medication with D (a high dose of decongestant). It gave me heart palpitations. The doctors were concerned. I wore the heart monitor. I went for a echocardiogram (EKG). At no point did any doctor or cardiologist say, “Hmm, maybe you should stop taking the D.” Seriously? So, I came off the D. I can’t remember who suggested it.

When my sinus infections came back with a vengeance in college, I called my mom in tears from the chronic pain. This breakdown landed me back at the allergist with prescribed allergy shots on and off for a few years.

I moved to Virginia and a whole new set of allergens. I immediately broke out in hives within days of arriving, partly from allergies, partly from yet-to-be diagnosed contact dermatitis (see The Harmful Preservative Lurking in Practically Everything). I went on prednisone. The migraines continued pretty much every day. I was functioning, but in pain on a daily basis from migraines triggered by allergies and sinus infections. Back on allergy shots in a new town. The allergist wanted to preemptively prescribe antibiotics during allergy season to prevent me from getting a sinus infection! “I feel fine right now,” I replied. He pushed again and I told him he could write me a prescription, but I won’t fill it.

Another disagreement with a doctor in the books!

Then, my life changed.

I went to a lecture by Dr. Vincent Joseph of Rebound Chiropractic. He mentioned that cutting out dairy could alleviate asthma and allergy symptoms. I cut out milk and yogurt immediately. It was like night and day. My headaches lessened within no time. I went to his office for spine x-rays. They revealed I had vertebrae that were out of alignment. The misalignment was putting pressure on nerves that aggravated my sinuses. I started my adjustments immediately and have been in the care of Dr. Travis Rafdal of Rebound ever since.

That’s all I needed. Cutting out dairy and seeing a chiropractor. After 10 years of doctors, pain, and frustration my sinus problems, allergies, and migraines went away just like that. Now, my only migraines are menstrual. I will blog on my treatments for those headaches in the near future. Subscribe to The Wellness Wife so you don’t miss it!

Tomorrow, I will share easy home remedies for warding off allergy-induced sinus infections this spring. The tips I will give you, along with my continued limitation of dairy, and maintenance visits to the chiropractor give me an excellent quality of life in the spring (and year-round) without the use of decongestants, allergy shots, or antibiotics. See you tomorrow!


I am not being paid to mention my chiropractors. I share their names out of gratitude for what they have done for me and as a resource for my readers. If you are experiencing a chronic pain issue, I encourage you to research chiropractic doctors in your local area.

Information on this site is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. Consult with your doctor before discontinuing any medications or starting any supplements. Your pharmacist can advise you of possible interactions between supplements and prescription medications.

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