Mind, Body, Spirit…and Finance?

Mind Body Spirit and Finance

For my monthly guest post for Care Keepers, Inc., I was asked to write about self help/self improvement, I must admit I had trouble thinking of what to write. I mean, this whole blog is essentially about helping to improve oneself! How could I narrow it down?

I decided on a broad overview of how mind, body, spirit, and financial health are all intertwined. Visit Care Keepers website for the full post:

Mind, Body, Spirit…and Finance?

6 thoughts on “Mind, Body, Spirit…and Finance?

  1. wisdom4wives

    They really are intertwined. How we handle finances is usually a reflection of what’s going on inside (e.g., “retail therapy,” as you mentioned). And money can definitely affect how we’re feeling. Thanks for the post!

  2. runawaybridalplanner

    Great post. When I first read it, I was like finance?? But after reading the post I realized you are totally right. Finances and being on top of them and not letting them get the better of us help keep us sane, and less fights, less stress, and really agree with your thoughts, and agree with staying out of debt and not having credit card debts, who needs the stress!!!

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