Continued by Popular Demand: Kid’s Pen Pal Exchange

Pen Pal Exchange ProjectI first published my Kid’s Pen Pal Project for children ages 6-12 in late August. So far, I have matched up two batches of pen pals and requests are rolling in for the third batch. That’s why I thought I’d promote this again.

I’m having so much fun helping kids discover the joy of writing and receiving letters. The first two groups are now exchanging letters and I’m getting great feedback on how excited the children are to receive their letters. Children who previously didn’t like writing are now penning lengthy letters to their new friends.

For more information on the exchange visit the original post:

The Wellness Wife Pen Pal Exchange Project

Your child’s address will never appear on this blog and their information will only be given to the other child’s parent.

Want some free stationary to get started? Visit The Paper Chronicles to find out how you can make it happen! The Wellness Wife loves saving money!

Hope to hear from you soon! For those of you who don’t have children in the age range, you can help by sharing this with others. Bloggers, too! The more I can get this exchange promoted, the more kids we will reach.

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