Inexpensive Fix for Water Stains on Wood Furniture

If you keep your furniture long enough, it will get stained. Quicker if you have children. One would think that by having a teenager, the “we can’t have nice things” stage would’ve passed. Not so much. One of my stepdaughter’s friends put a wet milk glass down repeatedly in different places on our wood end table. The positive part of the story is that yes, it really was milk. We are very thankful that my stepdaughter’s friends are drinking milk and not the other things that teenagers drink that they aren’t supposed to. The negative part of the story is that we were left with three milk rings on our end table.

Warning - ToxicWhat should we do? Refinishing furniture is so time consuming. It’s also toxic for humans and the environment. The instructions on the wood finish I had under the sink made me feel stressed. The warning label made me feel sick. The words “harmful or fatal” and “permanent brain and nervous system damage” jumped out at me. No, thanks. On to Plan B, which is always the better way – the home remedy way.

We consulted the book Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems, which recommends petroleum jelly. I rubbed it along the rings with my finger and left it for about 10 hours. Then I buffed it off with a very soft dust cloth. Some sources say you should leave it overnight, some just say to buff right after application.

I wish I took a picture before I started the process. The results were amazing. Two rings were completely gone. The deepest one still had a faint ring as shown in this picture.



I reapplied the petroleum jelly and let it sit for about an hour and voila!



No more ring! I saved time and money by not having to refinish the table and I didn’t have to expose myself to toxic vapors and solutions. I highly recommend keeping a copy of Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems in your home. It is full of money saving quick-fixes. You can also check Who Knew out online. Do you have any favorite home remedies? Feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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