I Am Thankful for My Nephew, the IVF Miracle


My sister, her husband, and their sweet, adorable, lovable, active 9-month-old son visited us last weekend. Every aunt brags about their nephew or niece. Especially when it’s the first baby in the family. But, this baby is special. He is the answer to many, many, many prayers over many, many years. He is an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Baby.

I Am Thankful for My Nephew, the IVF Miracle, In-vitro fertilization, infertility

I put this out there for all of those women who are struggling and wondering if they will ever conceive. There is hope. Whether you try alternative medicine such as fertility massage, detox programs, or acupuncture or the turn to the fertility treatments of modern medicine, there are options for you. No matter what path you choose, never stop praying. The Bible is full of women who could not conceive. They prayed and never gave up their trust in the Lord. Sarah, Hannah, and Elizabeth gave birth to Isaac, Samuel, and John the Baptist. Not too shabby.

I Am Thankful for My Nephew, the IVF Miracle; in vitro fertilization, infertility, 1 Samuel 1:27

I’m not saying that my nephew will be on the level of these holy men, but maybe he’ll discover the cure for cancer or something. Or, maybe not. No matter what path he travels in life, just the fact that he is alive and healthy serves as hope and inspiration to all the women who are struggling with infertility.

So, on this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for this precious, perfect answer to our prayers.

Thankful Thursday

2 thoughts on “I Am Thankful for My Nephew, the IVF Miracle

  1. Laura

    Oh Lisa, thank you so much for this beautiful post! Tears are streaming. He definitely is a gift and the answer to a million prayers. A true miracle! So many women are dealing silently with heartache and a painful struggle to motherhood and I’m hopeful your post will help them have faith and, as hard as it may get, to never give up on their heart’s true desire. God is good!

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