I Am Thankful for My Husband: 13 Reasons Why I Have an Awesome Marriage

13 Reasons Why I Have a Great Marriage

I originally posted this on March 20, 2014 as a part of the now-defunct Thankful Thursday link up. Well, now it’s Thursday again. It’s also our 10th anniversary! And, my awesome husband is so awesome that he is fine with me going to the Focused Blogging Conference on our 10th Anniversary. That’s how supportive he his and that’s how much he encourages me in my blogging endeavors. So, while I’m learning how to be a better blogger, I’ll rerun this post in honor of The Wellness Husband. 

Happy Thankful Thursday! This is not going to be a cliche “I love my husband” kind of post. This is going to be an introspective on the fundamentals of a great relationship.

I recently read a post entitled Happily Married Is My Reality…And I Won’t Apologize for That. The author was promoting her new book, Happy Wives Club: One Woman’s Worldwide Search for the Secrets of a Great Marriage. As she went on her book tour, interviewer after interviewer insinuated that the women of the “Happy Wives Club” were somehow disingenuous because no one could truly be happily married.

How sad! I am happily married and am not embarrassed. I am not being disingenuous to my readers. I am not posting this just to sound good. I’m not bragging. This is what a marriage should be. If you are dating and you don’t have a beautiful, deep connection with your significant other, it’s time to break it off. If you are married and don’t have a beautiful, deep connection with your spouse, you may want to seek the wise counsel of your religious leader or a marriage therapist. That may sound harsh, but a healthy marriage is so rewarding. I wish that for all of my readers.

13 Reasons Why I Have an Awesome Marriage

  1. My husband is my best friend. We tell each other everything. We never tire of each other’s company.
  2. I enjoy spending time with him. Being together is important to us. Even if he is watching TV and I am on the computer blogging, we are in the same room and periodically chatting about things.
  3. We have the same interests. I love sports as much as my husband. We have the same political and religious views. We both like to travel. We both value exercise and healthy eating and make them a pivotal part of our lives. I’m not an opposites attract kind of person. It’s so important that you and your spouse have common goals.
  4. We are on the same page about finances, investing, living debt-free, and how we spend our money. This is an absolute must for a good relationship. A joint study by Kansas State University and Texas Tech, Examining the Relationship Between Financial Issues and Divorce, revealed that financial arguments were the number one cause of divorce.
  5. We don’t watch TV in separate rooms. He has a few programs in which I am not interested. That’s when I check my email, blog, or call my parents. But, I’m still in the same room. The key to a happy marriage – always let the man have the remote!
  6. We eat dinner together. If I am going to be out networking or working, I make sure there are leftovers or something in the crock pot. He’s a great cook in his own right, so he can also put together an impressive meal on his own. He also likes to do the dishes and wash, which is the main reason why I love him!
  7. We go to bed at the same time. This keeps us on the same schedule and it’s just nice to settle in together at the end of the day. I must admit, now that I’m blogging, this isn’t always possible because sometimes I’m still working on a post when he’s ready to go to bed. I find this one of the only negatives of blogging.
  8. We don’t need to be “entertained.” Many Friday nights, we try to think of something to do and we usually end up enjoying each other’s company and not doing a thing.
  9. I still get excited about “date night.” We don’t go bar hopping and we’re not moviegoers. But, the one thing we enjoy is dining out. One or two nights a week we like to have a date night where we go to a restaurant. If it’s a pre-planned date night, I find that I am excited all day as if it’s our first date! (Wellness Wife side note – we always have a coupon unless it’s a special occasion pick and we try to choose restaurants that have healthy options.)
  10. He is not an annoyance to me. I think it’s so sad when people act like their spouse is a burden or an annoyance – “the old ball-and-chain.”
  11. We don’t argue or pick at each other. Some people make sport of arguing to obtain dominance. This is alarming.
  12. We don’t “one up” each other. I am proud of his accomplishments and encourage him in his pursuits. He does the same for me. No one is a bigger supporter of this blog than my husband. It’s not a competition and we do not belittle each other’s achievements. You should be your spouse’s biggest fan.
  13. We are excited about our future together. I always feel bad for people who said they “can’t retire because they would drive their wife crazy” or who “had to go back to work because they were bored out of their mind.” As I shared in my post The Promise of Peace and Quiet, we dream of sitting on the proverbial front porch swing together.

What are your keys to a happy marriage? Why are you thankful for your spouse?

Thankful Thursday

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30 thoughts on “I Am Thankful for My Husband: 13 Reasons Why I Have an Awesome Marriage

  1. Adrianne

    Thank you so much for this post. I love it. I’ve been with my guy over seven years, and we’ve been married for three. We too are best friends with lots in common. Our personalities and senses of humors match well which I love, but where I’m analytical and introverted – he’s spontaneous, adventurous, and outgoing. We have a great balance and learn from each other all the time.

    I totally agree with what you said on #10. I’ve found myself drifting away from my mother-in-law’s bunco girls’ night group, because they all seem to sit around and bash their husbands and it makes me sad and uncomfortable. Granted I need a lot of work in the wife department (as we all do – no one’s perfect), I really make a point to praise my husband to others and respect him with my words in public.

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  3. Simply Beth

    A healthy marriage is VERY rewarding. Mine has been through times of being unhealty but I’m so grateful for where God has brought us. And while my husband and I spend this year apart from each other (he is deployed) God has been using this time to grow our relationship in new ways. It’s been beautiful. I’m currently reading The Love Dare and discovering choosing to love our husbands with God’s kind of love is the best choice we can ever make. Visiting from Time-Warp Wife. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Rachel G

    I think people should talk about happy marriages! There are a lot of really broken marriages in the world but also many joy-filled ones, too!

  5. Roxy

    Hello,Very good ideas and I know that every good marriage has their secret ingredients! I have been married a long time and I find praying together very powerful. We also allow each other a bit of space. We encourage each other to create. We never make decisions with talking it over first.
    We continue to make times where we get refreshed and have fun. We really laugh a lot!!

  6. Mary

    I love this! I am not married yet so this is great advice! Thankfully Gavin and I have many of the same but there are a few we need to work on. But I agree that is so sad that some ppl are so unhappy. It is definitely one of things I am most thankful for… That I found my best friend and soulmate and not everyone can say that.

  7. Ken

    Normally I would never make this blog about me……but I must say DITTO to all 13 points. I am proud and love to be the “Wellness Husband.”

  8. Shannon @ Of The Hearth

    Fantastic post!
    I’m happily married, too. Sometimes I think people assume my husband and I simply put on happy faces when we go out because so many of them don’t believe you can truly be happy with your marriage.
    We share many of your 13 reasons.

  9. Cathy Colbert

    I am impressed with this blog. The world is at such a fast pace now, couples don’t take the time for each other. Date nights are important because you are able to get excited. Sometimes Billy & I did weekend or daytime things like museums, art galleries or hiking the Noland Trail , or a day trip to Richmond, Norfolk, etc just to get a different place to make memories.

  10. Jenn

    Love this! I would add grace & forgiveness. Often, I think wives expect these but forget to grant it to their husbands! I am thankful that my husband is always willing to listen :-)

    1. Lisa Post author

      Thanks for the addition, Jenn. I agree. The Wellness Husband isn’t perfect and neither am I. But, the difference is that we don’t harp on things and hold grudges.

  11. Janet Doak

    I am lucky enough to be married to Ken’s brother Tom. I am grateful every day. Those Doak boys were raised up right! Great column Lisa!

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