Getting to Know The Wellness Wife

Today is my SITS Day! I’m so excited! I would like to welcome all my visitors from SITS. I hope you’ll stay awhile and subscribe by email, and/or follow me on Facebook and Pinterest. For all my loyal readers, here is an opportunity to get a glance at some posts you may have missed.

I encourage you to get involved in two exciting opportunities I have going on right now:

  • The Wellness Wife Pen Pal Exchange Project: Calling all kids ages 6-12 who would like to write and receive good, old fashioned snail mail! Follow the link for details. I’d love for anyone reading this to promote the exchange on their blogs, social media networks, and in their own families. You can help make this a success!
  • Read The Story with The Wellness Wife: The Story is the Bible condensed into 31 chapters with the verse and chapter numbers removed so it reads like a novel. We’re going to start reading it on September 14. Follow the link for details. You are welcome to share this opportunity on your blog and social media. Help spread God’s message!

Getting to Know The Wellness Wife

Getting to Know “The Wellness Wife”

My blog aims to help my readers achieve physical, financial, environmental, and spiritual wellness. You can find some great recipes, too! I often blog on natural migraine relief due to my life-long struggle with the unpleasant malady.

I also strive to present my readers legitimate, vetted wellness resources that can make their lives healthier, happier, and more eco-friendly. Please take a minute to check out my Wellness Resources and support the businesses who advertise on The Wellness Wife. If you are in the area of the Virginia Peninsula, I also have a local resource listing.

Meet me (A collection of posts that define my wellness and spiritual identity):

Meet my family:

Now you know a little more about The Wellness Wife! Hope this isn’t the last time I see you! Y’all come back and visit!

12 thoughts on “Getting to Know The Wellness Wife

  1. balmtomysoul

    Awesome! I love the idea behind your blog and feel you have stated it well. My blog has some similar goals, but I don’t think I have stated it as nicely and succinctly as you have. Thanks for sharing and hope your SITS was happy!!

  2. Katie Wassink

    It’s your SITS day – hooray! I haven’t read “The Story” but I have read THE STORY. I hear it is wonderful – I guess I just prefer the original – lol. Will have to look into this more!

    1. Lisa Post author

      I was hesitant, myself, until I went to a presentation with other ministry leaders from my church. I saw how energized people get and how it brings congregations together to study the Word. I also see how just removing the verse numbers can make it more readable for those who struggle with focusing on the format of the Bible. Thanks for your feedback. I’d love to know what you think if you decide to check it out.

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