Get Cash Back for Shopping Online!

Get Cash Back for Shopping Online at EbatesWould you like to get a check in the mail for shopping online? How about if I told you there were absolutely no strings attached? How about if I told you it took you about 5 seconds to enroll?


I wouldn’t be telling you about this if it had a catch. Enough already, you are saying. Tell us what it is!

It’s Ebates.

You’ve probably heard about Ebates before but were too lazy/busy to enroll. I say that lovingly because I knew about Ebates for quite awhile before I finally enrolled. My reaction when I did? Ebates, Ebates, why didn’t I come to you sooner? I’m not exaggerating when I tell you it takes seconds to enroll.

There are over 1,800 online stores, hotels, resorts, and rental car companies (and more!) to shop. Link to your favorite online store through Ebates to get a percentage back in the form of a check. The percentages range from 1% to 27.5% depending on the store. You can download a button to your browser to make it even easier! Ebates sends checks quarterly. As if that’s not enough, they send you a $10 gift card for enrolling! Can’t beat it!!!

Target Gift Card from Ebates

I received this $10 Target gift card just for enrolling!

I’d be surprised if your favorite online store isn’t listed. You can even earn 3% for shopping Amazon through Ebates. As if Amazon doesn’t already save you a ton of money, you can earn some cash back, too!

This is straight-up cash for shopping. You don’t have to submit reviews, promote on social media, or do anything other than shop like you were going to shop anyway.

If you enroll through the links in this post, I will receive additional Ebates rewards. You can also earn additional Ebates rewards by referring friends after you enroll. But, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Remember, there’s no catches.

Don’t delay – enroll today! It would be a costly mistake on your part if you didn’t!


Cash on Monitor image courtesy of Stuart Miles at Edited by The Wellness Wife.

2 thoughts on “Get Cash Back for Shopping Online!

  1. Dawn Muir

    I cannot agree more. Like you, I had heard about Ebates and waited to sign up and now I can’t believe I waited so long. I got my $10 gift card for enrolling and got my first check a little while ago. Now anytime I shop online I use them. They are definitely a great way to save money!

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