Following God’s Positioning System

Last night, my small group Bible study watched the DVD companion to Chapter 6 of The Story. In it, Randy Frazee, co-author of the forward of The Story and senior minister of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, referred to GPS (Global Positioning System) as God’s Positioning System.

Following God's Positioning SystemThis play on words really struck me. So many people blindly follow a Global Positioning System. They have no idea where they are going, but when the voice says to turn left, we turn left. When we go the wrong way, the Global Positioning System calculates for us.

Do we do this with God? We should. We should blindly follow God. When God’s Positioning System says turn left, we should turn left. When we make a wrong turn and God’s Positioning System has to recalculate for us, we should follow.

The Israelites wandering in the desert did not trust God’s Positioning System. And, they paid dearly for it. I already complained about the Israelites’ complaining a couple of weeks ago in my Chapter 4 devotional. Chapter 6 is no different. They continued their complaining and God reached a breaking point. He declared that none of those who repeatedly disobeyed His voice would see the promised land (Numbers 14: 20-38).

We all wander away from God’s Positioning System sometimes. We ask for God’s forgiveness, go back on the right path, then veer off again. And, just as in the story of the Israelites wandering in the desert, God will forgive us again.

The key to following God’s Positioning System is to try to follow God’s instructions at every turn. Sometimes we will miss our exit because we were in the wrong lane. That is our free will or our stubbornness taking hold – “He couldn’t possibly want me to turn here. I think the other way is better.”

But, we should NEVER shut God’s Positioning System off all together. Those who do that will not see the promised land either. God is with us every step of the way, but those who refuse to follow His direction and repeatedly and knowingly commit grave sins and hurt others will have to answer to the Lord on judgement day.

Stop and listen to the directions God is giving us. Make sure we aren’t in the fast lane with the music blaring when we need to exit.

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      Thanks for the comment, Stefanie! Can’t take credit for thinking of it myself, but it really spoke to me so I thought I’d share and reflect on my thoughts on the great take-off of GPS.

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