Christmas in July Series: Experiment With Healthier Holiday Recipes Now

Experiment with Healthier Holiday Recipes Now

These are some of the treats I served at my tea party in February. They would make great additions to your Christmas party! Read on for a link to the recipes!

No one wants to experiment at the holidays. I know I don’t want to. I love to try new recipes, but the idea of a new stuffing recipe flop on Thanksgiving day brings me right back to the old fashioned, fat-filled recipes. Just the thought of making a batch of Christmas cookies that no one wants to eat is stressful.

That’s why I’m bringing this up now. You have 4 months until Thanksgiving and 5 months until Christmas to get your healthy recipes straight! Start now! It’s a great excuse to have cookies in the house. I’m not saying eat a whole batch in one sitting, but if you make a batch of healthy cookies with whole wheat flour and natural sweeteners such as maple syrup or honey, they come with way less guilt! I promise you – every healthy cookie recipe I have tried has turned out great. I made all healthy recipes for a tea party I hosted in February and no one knew the difference. I served some of the same treats at my nephew’s baptism and they got rave reviews there, too. Experiment with some healthier dessert and cookie recipes and you’ll never need to buy white sugar and white flour again.

As far as your big holiday meal goes, I don’t know why people only eat turkey twice a year (Thanksgiving and Christmas). No, processed lunchmeat does not count. I buy a turkey breast every so often and we have a great meal with healthy leftovers for a week. Buy a breast and start experimenting with newer, healthier side dishes for a turkey dinner.

If your extended family is not too keen on trying new things, take these few months to reinvent the traditional family favorites by switching white flour to wheat flour, white sugar to coconut sugar, and brown sugar to sucanat. Make sure you read the labels on those cream-of-whatever soups you use for your casseroles and swap brands to an organic brand such as Pacific Foods. You can buy coconut sugar, sucanat, and Pacific Foods soups at Vitacost. Use my link to save $10 on your first purchase. This is an affiliate link. I will receive a compensation if you use redeem the coupon through this link.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I have various boards for healthy foods. I’ve started a new one called Healthier Holidays. I will be pinning various recipes that you can try over the next few months. Most are so scrumptious looking that I just know they’ll be a hit! Check out these other boards for great holiday or everyday healthy food ideas:

Healthier Breads

Healthier Cookies

Healthier Desserts

Not a fan of Pinterest? Try these healthy holiday recipe posts by Deliciously Organic and Pamela Salzman. The recipes for the treats shown in the photo can be found in my post Hosting a Healthy Tea Party.

Healthy eating is tasty, too! Surprise all of your family this coming holiday season with some guilt-free recipes. Start now!



5 thoughts on “Christmas in July Series: Experiment With Healthier Holiday Recipes Now

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  2. Shannon

    We eat turkey all the time. I’m not sure why people only eat it twice a year!

    Trying recipes ahead of time is wise. We’re having family visit over the holidays, so I really need to get busy with this!

  3. jvkom

    What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of it? The holidays are super stressful. So instead of coming up with healthier alternatives we just go with what it easy. Thanks for the tip!

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