Elderberry Syrup: Nature’s Flu Shot

Elderberry Syrup: Nature's Flu ShotAccording to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), February is historically the worst month for flu. I’m sure those of you who were incapacitated during this past Christmas would beg to differ. Regardless, CDC statistics show that in the previous 32-year span (not including this flu season, since obviously it’s not over), February was the peak month 14 of those years. December came in a distant second at 6 years.

So, we’re not out of the woods yet. Wouldn’t you like to be armed with the most effective prevention and relief of flu and cold symptoms that nature can provide?

Introduce Elderberry Syrup. Elderberry is a natural antioxidant which has antiviral and antibiotic properties. It is used to fight coughs, colds, flu, tonsillitis, and other bacterial and viral infections. Elderberries have been used to treat cancer and AIDS patients and were used to treat a flu epidemic in Panama in 1995 (Source: Debbi Dunn, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Herbalist). Elderberries contain Vitamins A, B, and C in addition to amino acids (a protein necessary for healthy cellular function), and carotinoids and flavinoids, both antioxidants.

Caution: Unripe elderberries, ripe uncooked elderberries, and the leaves and stem can be toxic. Cooked elderberries are perfectly safe for human consumption. 

I have known about the health benefits of elderberry syrup for years, but never was able to get my hands on some.

Until this year.

Over the past year, I have become friends with Debbi Dunn of Sage Holistic Health and Wellness Center. I knew she made Elderberry Syrup, so when I started to get a scratchy throat DAYS before my sister’s wedding in November, I immediately called her and said “I NEED some of your elderberry syrup!” Problem solved. Never came down with anything.

Fast forward to December. EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE was passing cold and flu around at work. I immediately started the elderberry syrup as a preventative. The Wellness Husband’s family visited after Christmas. His brother came down with a cold. But we kept pushing the elderberry syrup. No cold or flu for us!

January came and everyone at work started passing around colds again. I took the syrup. No cold. Even after sharing computers, pens, and phones. I didn’t take the syrup with me when I traveled out of town. I started to come down with a trace of a cold. I came home, immediately started back with the elderberry syrup, and my cold literally lasted a day. I never had fatigue or headache or any of the other side effects of a cold. Just a stuffy head and sneezing for a couple of days with one particular day of heavy congestion and that was it!

So, whether you want to ward off cold and flu altogether or lessen the symptoms if you have already come down with the crud, elderberry syrup is your miracle in a bottle. Gosh I wish I had it in 2013 when we got the flu…

The elderberry syrup offered through Sage Holistic Health & Wellness is $15 for a 2oz bottle and $30 for a 4oz bottle. You only need a tablespoon a day, so it lasts awhile. That’s way cheaper than missing work, a doctor’s copay and prescriptions, and expensive over-the-counter drugs laden with side effects.

You can learn more about Debbi and Sage Holistic Health & Wellness Center on her website. No matter where you are, you can sign up for a free consultation. You can also contact Sage Holistic Health & Wellness Center directly through this contact form or by phone (757.585.9481) to obtain your bottle of elderberry syrup or to schedule a consultation. Also, sign up to receive free information on classes that Debbi offers in the Williamsburg area. She is currently working on a class on how to make elderberry syrup, so you won’t want to miss information on that.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this post was not meant to treat or cure any disease or illness. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using any herbs, supplements, or natural remedies. I was compensated for this post, however, I will only promote products that I feel are a benefit to my readers. 

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  1. thenaturepathdoc

    I regularly use elderberry syrup every year. It is a marvelous, wonderful herb God has given us! I also put dried elderberries into my second ferment of Kombucha, pressing the juice out and discarding the seeds/skins before refrigerating. Elderberry syrup is a delightful pancake syrup as well! A tasty way of boosting the immune system.YUM.

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