Eat Healthy & Save Money: Make a Meatless Meal

Eat Healthy & Save Money: Make a Meatless Meal; vegetarian, Meatless MondayEveryone is talking about Meatless Monday. That is where people who aren’t changing their entire diet to vegetarian or vegan, try to eat vegetarian at least one night a week. Meatless Monday just sounds nice because of the alliteration. I don’t care what day you go meatless. Pick the same day every week or pick a different day every week. Whatever you decide, I challenge you to go meatless one night a week for the month of June.

Going meatless will save you money and you will find there are some amazing, simple, tasty recipes out there. Follow me on Pinterest for some great recipe ideas. I have tried many of the recipes I pinned. Of course, I changed a few things around. I can’t help but fiddle with recipes. You can also check out my original recipes for more great vegetarian ideas.

Quinoa, lentils, beans, whole wheat pasta, and spelt are just a few of the great non-meat protein sources. Find a great recipe using these ingredients and you won’t even miss the meat! My husband runs 5 miles a day and weight trains and he actually feels fuller and doesn’t need to snack in the evenings when we eat vegetarian. He was the classic evening grazer. He just could not get satiated. Now that we eat primarily vegetarian, he doesn’t feel the need to “graze” in the evenings.

As far as saving money, here is an example:

You can buy a one-pound bag of dried black beans for about $1.39. When soaked, the beans expand, so you are getting way more than 16 ounces. You can at least double the expected volume you will get out of a bag. You can probably get two meals worth out of one 16-ounce bag. What kind of meat can you buy for $0.70 a pound or less? Who said it was expensive to eat healthy?

I hope you take me up on the challenge. Hopefully, June will turn to July and you’ll stick with it. And then one day a week will turn to two days a week. Join with me to save money and eat healthy – it’s The Wellness Wife way (how’s that for alliteration?!)

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