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Would You Like to Have More Spare Time

Would You Like to Have More Spare Time?

Have there been more times than you would like to admit that you wanted more hours in the day or maybe another you? Well, guess what?  If somehow we could add another 5 hours to the day then we would just find more to do.  Some things just can’t be avoided.  Maybe, you are working full time, running children everywhere, caring for a spouse, caring for an elderly parent, going to school and doing homework, chores at home, grocery shopping, and other errands.  Wow, I am exhausted just thinking about it.  If how and what you are doing isn’t working then it is time to take a different approach.

  • Look at the lifestyles of successful people.  Don’t be afraid to ask them how they keep it all together.  Learn from them.  You don’t have to follow everything they do but even the smallest thing can make a big difference.  At the same time, be wise in your choices because what works for one person may not work for another.  Taking the advice of successful people can keep you from going in circles and continuing the same mistakes.  Save time and work the smart way.
  • Talk to your neighbors, friends, coworkers and family members.  Reach out to one another.  Have them do your grocery shopping while they do their own. You can offer to drop off or pick up their kids on your way home or you can shop for them next time.  Offer to cook your neighbor dinner one night per week and they can cook one night per week as well.  This would free up one night per week for each of you.  You don’t have a close relationship?  That is ok.  Just drop off the meal and the friendly relationship can build slowly (or not).
  • I bet you have heard people say that you need to make out a to-do list and you need to prioritize.  Well, I agree that making a to-do list is important and helpful.  However, in the past I have lost my list or had more than one list on small pieces of paper. I have also forgotten to look at the list.  Oh, don’t laugh at me, I know you have done it also or you know someone who has.  Recently I have realized that it actually works when you get around to doing the things on that list.  They get done.  I got the smaller things out of the way and then I felt like I was accomplishing something and that motivated me to do more.  At that point, I could spend the time working on the bigger and more important ones.   Try it both ways and do what really works best for you.
  • When you are overwhelmed with life make sure to take out time for yourself.  If you don’t take care of yourself then who will.  Even with your everyday tasks, take a break.  You will accomplish more once you are rested.

I know from experience what it is like to have to juggle being a single mom working full time and having to take care of everyday tasks and no help.  That is one of the reasons I enjoy reaching out and helping those who are overwhelmed.  The service I offer is much needed.  I highly suggest reaching out to someone whether it is someone you know or a professional service.  There are good people out there who have a good heart and are willing to help. But, they can’t help if they do not know you need it.


Myra Tirado, today’s guest blogger, is dedicated to reaching out to those who are stressed because their “to- do list” is overwhelming.  She is there for you when you don’t want to trouble your friends and family to take care of your tasks.  She recommends that you do reach out to them and if they cannot help, then she can.  More Time 4 You LLC services Newport News, Yorktown, Hampton, and Williamsburg.  More Time 4 You will care for pets while folks are at work or on vacation, house sit, provide transportation, grocery shopping, courier services, general errand services, and more.  If you would like to create more time for yourself so you can enjoy the things you have worked so hard for then please give her a call at 757-593-4424 or email


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