Christmas in July Series: Get Healthy Before Christmas

How many weight loss related New Year’s resolutions are the direct result of people indulging too much during the holidays? How many people end up stressed, exhausted, or even sick in December because they over did it? Don’t wait until January 1 to get a handle on weight gain or chronic illness – start this July so you are happy and healthy through the holidays!

Christmas in July Series: Get Healthy Before Christmas

Sugar, bad carbohydrates (white bread, white rice, white pasta), and processed foods create weight gain, sluggish metabolism, inability to cope with stress, depression, and weakened immune system. Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have any of these problems at the holidays (or ever for that matter!)? It can happen!

Purify your body of white refined sugar. I go cold turkey when I do a sugar purification, but I realize not everyone can do that. You have four months until Thanksgiving. Start by stopping soda this month. Maybe sugary snack foods next month and so on. I guarantee your mood, energy, and metabolism will improve.

I used to think I had slow metabolism because I am short and just didn’t have anyplace to put the food. One smorgasbord and I gained 5 pounds. Not the case now. When I cut out sugar, my metabolism soared. As long as I eat a healthy diet as part of my regular routine, I can splurge once in a while at a party or on vacation and see little to no difference. Even if I do put on a few pounds during a trip or the holidays, a week of healthy eating puts me right back to where I was. If you start eating healthy now, one or two Christmas parties won’t make a difference!

I also have so much energy and can handle stress better. When my husband and I have been eating too much sugar, we notice we become agitated and tired. Who wants that when you are trying to enjoy Christmas?

Bad carbohydrates have a similar effect on your body because they are sugar. Cut them out. Replace them with brown rice and whole grain pasta and breads. You will find these are tastier alternatives anyway.

Processed foods are just awful for you. They are full of sugar, sodium, food dyes, preservatives, and other man-made ingredients. How many of you can pronounce the ingredients in the processed foods in your pantry? Do you really want that in your body?

If you cleanse your body of these foods and ingredients that are wreaking havoc on your body, you will feel a million times better during the holidays. You will also be able to rebound quicker if you do indulge in the Christmas cookie spreads that abound at every party.

Next week, I will give you some great leads on healthy holiday recipes that will surprise and impress even the biggest junk food eaters in your family! Now is the time to experiment while the pressure is off!

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