Buy Healthy, Save Money?

Sounds impossible, right? It’s the first excuse people give as to why they can’t/won’t switch to organic or whole foods. In this edition of Healthy Shopping 101, I will give you a few examples of how you can actually SAVE money by switching your menu to healthier items. The prices listed are per serving.

Healthy SnacksHealthy Snacks

  • Organic Pop Corn Kernels – $0.02
  • Sunflower seeds -$0.13
  • Bananas – $0.19
  • Organic Carrots – $0.22
  • Pumpkin seeds – $0.22
  • Organic Celery – $0.23
  • Dried Prunes – $0.26
  • Organic Apples – $0.33
  • Peanut butter (Freshly ground) – $0.36
  • Hummus – $0.47

Not So Healthy Snacks

  • Pretzels – $.18
  • Doritos – $0.30
  • Cheez-Its – $0.39
  • Quaker Granola Bars – $0.42
  • Oreos – $0.50
  • Hostess Donettes – $0.60

I purchase many of the healthy snacks at Trader Joe’s. If you have one near you, I highly recommend that you shop there. No, the produce is not locally grown, which is a drawback, but if you’re trying to shop healthy on a budget, there’s no parallel. If you have a little wiggle room in your budget, shopping at local farmer’s markets is the way to go. Local produce is fresher and has more nutrients.

Notice how many of the healthy options are organic and are still cheaper than what you are probably buying now. And that price on organic popcorn kernels is not a typo. If you purchase the kernels and pop them yourself in an air popper, they go a long way. Not to mention, microwaveable popcorn is one of the most toxic snacks you can eat. We don’t add anything to the air-popped corn. I recommend trying it plain and your taste buds will adjust after a few days. If you just can’t do it, add a little sea salt or melted organic, grass-fed butter. Try the Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper, White and you’ll save a ton of money over time.

I can’t emphasize enough that if you eat healthier, you won’t be hungry as often, thereby saving you money. If you eat healthier, you won’t get sick as often, thereby saving you money. See the pattern? Try some of these suggestions on your next shopping trip. Let us know how it goes.

5 thoughts on “Buy Healthy, Save Money?

  1. Jenn@buildingmommymuscles

    I love Trader Joe’s! I think so much depends on what you are buying. You could make the argument that healthier foods cost more if you are buying all high end, packaged, expensive foods. But fresh fruits and veggies are normally pretty cheap!

    1. Lisa Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Jenn! You are absolutely right. The tip for eating healthy is always to buy whole foods. Anytime something is pre-made, pre-packaged, or processed, it will cost you more.

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