April Money Saving Challenge: Spring Clothes Shopping 101

Money Saving Challenge: Spring Clothes Shopping 101I don’t know about you, but I spend the winter evenings under a blanket in my fleece sweatpants. The emergence of nice weather brings with it a feeling of excitement for the nice weather that lies ahead. Stores are filled with bright, cheery colors. It is a feast for the eyes. Bright colors just make me happy. But, because I’m a compulsive non-shopper, I don’t let it draw me in! And, you shouldn’t, either. Remember, you save money when you don’t buy stuff.

There are times when you need to buy new clothing. You lost or gained weight. You are pregnant. You just got a new job. You got a stain on your only pair of khakis. For these shopping trips, I strongly recommend consignment shops. Thrift stores are great, too, but don’t leave the thrift store with a bunch of clothes that make you look like you shop in a thrift store. That doesn’t help anyone. If you actually need something, you might as well use it as an opportunity to update your wardrobe, not to take a step backward.

That’s why consignment shops are so awesome. Most consignment shops only take name brands that are in style. At my favorite consignment shops, I can buy name brand clothes for almost thrift store prices. Two winters ago, I lost about 15 lbs and none of my clothes fit me. I felt great and looked great, but all of my clothes looked dumpy on me. Off to the consignment shop. I bought about $400 (or more) worth of clothes for about $120. I had been a little distressed thinking about how much a new wardrobe would set me back, but consignment shopping made it a pleasant experience.

Even better, I was able to sell them some of my old clothes and make some money!

Not all consignment shops are made equal. Some are overpriced. Why buy used name brand clothes for the same cost as the sale price on new items? Some aren’t as picky and you feel like you’re in the thrift store. If you’re going to buy out of style clothes, at least buy them for $6 at the thrift store where you are benefiting a charity.

The whole purpose of shopping for clothes should be because you need clothes, not because it was a good deal. Let…me…repeat…. buy because you need something, not because it was a good deal. If you didn’t need it and you spent money because it was a good deal, it is not a good deal. You spent money you didn’t need to spend. Shopping for sport will get you in trouble. Shop when you need something. Don’t shop when you don’t need something. It’s that simple.

The Wellness Wife April money saving challenge is to only buy new clothes if you need them and if you do need them, check out your local consignment shops first. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be saving the environment. The over consumption and disposable habits of our society tax landfills and natural resources. Production often creates air pollution.

Save your pocketbook, save the environment, buy used.

6 thoughts on “April Money Saving Challenge: Spring Clothes Shopping 101

  1. Nan

    That’s a good point! I have a friend who says she is always buying clothes she doesn’t need. I have one pair of black slacks and she told me she had 10 or 11, lol! I just don’t really like shopping much and don’t really like spending money either, lol! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

    1. Lisa Post author

      I don’t like shopping either, which helps. Growing up, we had one pair of black dress shoes, one pair of brown dress shoes, a pair of sneakers, and flip flops. Now, people have a pair of shoes for each outfit. Or, 11 pairs of black pants…

  2. Dawn

    This is a great post, and very timely for me. I lost about 60 pounds and have been trying to make my wardrobe work. But as you said, sometimes the clothes just don’t fit anymore and you have to buy something. I shop the consignment stores, but I also check eBay. I have had some great luck on eBay finding clothes. Either way, it is definitely better to buy used if you can. It saves money and the environment, and you would be surprised what people get rid of these days!

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