Alternatives to Toxic Cookware

We’ve been hearing for years that Teflon is toxic. The EPA even agrees it is toxic. Wow. When the government agrees something is toxic, you know it’s bad. Hopefully, by now, you have ditched your old Teflon pots and pans. But, many of the alternatives come with their own issues.

Teflon – Just so we are clear, Teflon is so toxic that the EPA has required companies to cease using it in consumer products by 2015. It remains in the environment and in human blood for a very long time. It was found in the blood of 95% of the people studied. High levels in humans have been linked with cancer, high cholesterol levels, thyroid disease, and reduced fertility. It can be fatal to birds.

Aluminum – Probably the worst choice next to Teflon. Even if you got rid of your Teflon, you probably still have some of aluminum bakeware and cookware. I’ll bet it’s all scratched up, isn’t it? Those flakes get into your food and you ingest the aluminum. It also leaches into food during cooking/baking process.  Aluminum toxicity can cause estrogen-driven cancers and Alzheimer’ disease.

There are concerns about stainless steel, copper, and even cast iron cookware because of the various metals that are absorbed into food during the cooking/baking process. When reading the research, it’s hard to know what to use. Whatever you decide, never cook on high heat, which is where these metals become the most toxic. Cast iron is safe if you don’t use it every day. While the body needs iron, too much is a bad thing. I love my cast iron pan and will continue to use it.

A good quality ceramic or titanium pan is your best choice. Make sure the brand you buy does not contain lead, which is viewed as the only potential problem with ceramic or titanium pans.

My favorite ceramic pan is the 8-inch GreenPan. It is cadmium and lead-free. I need a little butter or oil in it to make it completely non-stick, but even with nothing, it’s not bad. I wish I had more sizes.

I also have an Orgreenic Frying Pan – 12″ Frying Pan. Since it’s one of those “As Seen on TV” jobbers, I can’t find much about its make-up. Everything online is hype. It doesn’t say it’s lead-free, and I would assume it’s not. It is very non-stick, just as advertised. I can cook meat, veggies, and eggs alike without any butter or oils. It’s definitely a safer option than Teflon or aluminum, but without knowing if it’s lead-free, I can’t say it’s 100% Wellness Wife approved.

Switching over cookware can be expensive, so start one at at time starting with the sizes you use most often. If you are still using Teflon, promise me you’ll check out the GreenPan and change over immediately! I’m only thinking of you!


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