A Thanksgiving Challenge

I’ve been MIA this week. My sister got married, so we were out of town participating in the festivities. When I got home, all I wanted to do was look at Facebook and Instagram to see who was posting pictures. Oh, and there’s Thanksgiving prep and a thing called a “real job.”

A Thanksgiving Challenge

I think we all get too busy to be thankful. We worry about the next thing coming down the pike. If I worried about Thanksgiving while I was supposed to be enjoying the excitement of a wedding; if I worried about blogging while I was preparing for Thanksgiving; I would lose sight of enjoying the present and all the things for which I should be thankful.

Everyone focuses on being thankful on Thanksgiving and the days leading up to it. Then, it all ends. People become miserable and stressed by Christmas shopping. Materialism and consumerism run supreme. So, I’m going to challenge you to 36 days of thankfulness.┬áThat takes you from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve (then we can start focusing on resolutions). It’s the “most wonderful” but also the most stressful time of the year. That’s why I want to encourage us to focus on being thankful.

Follow me on Facebook┬áto participate in the daily focus on thankfulness. I will post what I’m thankful for every day and you can chime in. I did this back in May and it went really well.

What are you giving thanks for on this Thanksgiving? Feel free to comment below, then go to Facebook to find out what I’m thankful for!

4 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Challenge

    1. Lisa Post author

      Thanks! I try really hard to be present in the moment. I know people who dwell in the past and people who are constantly stressed and worried about the future. They never enjoy the life they are living.

  1. JoAnn Maiorano

    First i am thankful for my grandson, Vincent. Thankful my parents, my children and my sister and extended family are all in good health! Thankful that i connected with the 3 sweet Maiorano cousins <3

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