A Reflection on Self-Care

Self-care is essential to our well-being. I come in contact with caregivers who are tired and worn out. It’s either because of their profession (e.g. nurses and teachers) or because they are taking care of their children or their parents.  They give so much they barely have any time for themselves. What does self-care mean? It means just that…taking care of yourself.

A Reflection on Self Care; hot stone massageOn the physical side, self-care includes eating properly, exercising, getting manicures, pedicures, or hair done, and wearing makeup. Doing these things add value to who we are and boost our self-esteem…on another level, self-care also includes taking a hot bath, a walk in the park, a glass wine with a good book, a massage, a nap, mediation, and saying NO.  Taking the time to do whatsoever you desire to do will renew and lift your spirit. It is giving back to yourself in order to continue to give to others. One cannot give from an empty vessel. Take time to draw back from everything to rejuvenate yourself.

One of the most common sayings I hear is…I don’t have time or I work long hours or work is stressing me out. Yes, we have to work and some of us work really long hours, but every day you should find something that will reinvigorate you for the next. We are living in stressful times, which is why it is essential to care for yourself in order to remain positive and focused. Make a commitment to yourself to put yourself first and give yourself the care that your spirit, emotions, and body deserve.


Today’s guest blogger is Gloria Henderson, a nationally and state-certified massage therapist and owner of Soulful Journeys, LLC in Newport News, Virginia.

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