A Mother Doesn’t Have to Give Birth

A Mother Doesn't Have to Give Birth; mothering, stepmothering, Mother's Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. For those women who don’t have children, Mother’s Day can be difficult. At a previous church I attended, they made such a fuss over the mothers on Mother’s Day that I would sit in the pew feeling like my life was meaningless. Or the businesses that hand out flowers to women on Mother’s Day. Do I decline the flower or do I graciously accept it? It’s not really meant for me…

So, when Care Keepers, Inc. asked me to write my monthly post on mothers, I decided to take a different slant. You don’t have to give birth to be a mother! I am a stepmother, an aunt, and an older sister!

I wrote the post to be an encouragement to those who fill a maternal role but may not have children of their own. You are mothers, too! Read my post by following the link below. While you’re there, explore the other great resources that Care Keepers has to offer.

Are You a Mother? The Answer is “Yes!”


This post is in no way meant to belittle the idea of celebrating mothers on Mother’s Day. I am so incredibly thankful for my mother and all she has done for my sisters and me over the years. We have always been close, but now as adults, we are also friends. Women who give their lives for their children deserve a day. Heck, they deserve a whole month! 

8 thoughts on “A Mother Doesn’t Have to Give Birth

  1. Maria Harrington

    Lisa thank you for remembering us childless mothers on this special day “Mother’s Day”

    Happy Mother’s Day Lisa!


  2. Jill Ogline Titus

    Wonderful post! I am thankful to have had many of these different kinds of mothers in my life. It is a day to thank and honor them as much as the women who fit the more traditional label. (Same thing for Father’s Day next month.) Thanks for sharing this approach to Mother’s Day.

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