A Fun Way to Recycle Your Fashion Accessories

Over the weekend, I attended an Accessories Exchange Party hosted by my friend and future scrapbooking blogger. She is full of creative ideas, which is why she’s working on a blog. Her parties are always full of thematic fun and games, but this one took the cake for me.

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation with the rules. All attendees were to gather their unwanted jewelry, scarves, purses, belts, etc. and give them to the hostess at least one day in advance. For every five items donated, the donor picks one item from the pool of items. All items left at the end would be donated to Avalon, a local shelter for victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault.

Accessories Table before Exchange

Accessories Table before Exchange

Upon arrival, guests received a bag with one clothespin on it for every item we would get to pick. The clothespin had our name on it. If we liked an item, we put the clothespin on it. If there was an item with more than one clothespin on it at the end of the exchange, we were to work it out among ourselves in the spirit of good humor. I think I was the only one to “challenge” anyone. Why do I have to be so difficult!? My challenger graciously conceded when I said it was for my stepdaughter.

The exchange itself only lasted about ten minutes, but it was a blast. And, it had The Wellness Wife seal of approval on it for so many reasons:

Some of My New Accessories

Some of My New Accessories


  1. Eliminates unwanted items from your home. Get rid of clutter!
  2. Someone’s trash is your treasure. I’m so excited about my new pieces and someone went home with one of my bracelets I hadn’t worn in years.
  3. Recycle, recycle, recycle. I’m a big fan of consignment shops, thrift stores, and yard sales. Instead of buying newly-made items that will just end up in a landfill one day, buy something that’s already made.
  4. Helps those in need. I can’t think of a better place for my unwanted accessories to go than to women and their children who have nothing because they left an abusive situation.

Accessories are just one way you could go with a decluttering exchange. Maybe you could host an unwanted Christmas decoration exchange at the beginning of the Christmas season, or a knick knack exchange, or an “anything goes” exchange during spring cleaning time. Put your own flair on it. If you have an idea for an accessories exchange, share it in the comment section.

To my friend, thanks for a fun Saturday afternoon and a great blog post idea.

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15 thoughts on “A Fun Way to Recycle Your Fashion Accessories

    1. Lisa Post author

      You’re welcome, Erlene! It was so much fun. I find myself already looking at jewelry and saying, “I haven’t worn that for awhile, maybe I’ll use it for next year’s swap!”

  1. smallftprints

    Oh what a fun idea! I could see taking this idea further and having clothing, tools or plant exchange parties. And I love the idea that the stuff left over goes to a good cause. Brilliant!

      1. lttlorane

        Awesome idea about the plant exchange! I love it. I have plants that need to be thinned out, along with bulbs. And I always love learning about new plants that I can add to my garden.

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