Post-Holiday Sugar Purification Series: 6 Tips & Tricks to Get You Through

Post-Holiday Sugar Purification Series: 6 Tips and Tricks

Sorry I’ve been ignoring you. January has been a lot busier than I thought. For those of you who started purging yourself of sugar after my first post, how are you doing? More energy? Losing a few pounds? I hope so. I reached two weeks yesterday and have dropped 4 pounds.

For those of you who have not started and have been hoping for more frequent posts to get you through, I apologize. Try starting after this post, because in it, I am unveiling my tips and tricks for beating the urge to reach for that cookie.

If you haven’t started and are someone who really gets excited about Valentine’s Day, maybe you should wait until after your box of chocolates is finished to start purifying. Don’t give yourself a reason to cheat right from the get-go (oh, but it’s Valentine’s Day and our meal comes with chocolate mousse included…).

No matter when you decide to start, here are my tips for success:

  1. Fulfill all of your current cravings before you start. I mentioned this before, but I’m saying it again. If you are craving a chocolate donut the whole time, the purification will be much harder.
  2. Pick a 21-day period that is void of temptation. Don’t start if your birthday falls in the middle. Definitely not if you are going on vacation. I mean, you can find healthy options at restaurants, but do you really want to spend your whole cruise watching everyone else drink fruity beverages by the pool?
  3. Eat lots of fruit! This is not a Paleo diet. Fruit is your best friend while purifying. It gives you the sweetness that you crave and dulls the urge to grab a not-so-healthy sweet snack.
  4. Snack in between meals. Most people grab a sweet snack to spike their blood sugar and give them energy. The problem is, refined white sugar does not sustain you and the sugar crash leaves you reaching for more. Snack on nuts, seeds, or a cheese stick between meals to give your body the protein it needs to carry you to the next meal and ward off the sugar cravings. Healthy snacking also helps you eat less at meals because you are not as famished.
  5. Don’t forget your carbs. Again, this is not Paleo or Atkins. Just because you can’t eat refined sugars or carbs doesn’t mean you can’t have whole grains. Eating whole grains will get you the carbs you need to avoid a blood sugar crash that may send you astray.
  6. Have an arsenal of go-to treats. We keep a few snacks and recipes in the house that curb our sugar craving. This step does not apply if you are on the strict purification where you do not even consume honey or maple syrup. Some of these would not apply if you are on the 100% whole foods (no processed food) version.
    • Healthy Chocolate Mousse from Craftberry Bush. I usually make this recipe once during our purification as a treat. I swear, you will not even be able to tell the creaminess is from avocados. I would recommend consuming immediately or definitely within a day. After that, you can start to pick up on the avocado. If you are not vegan, use honey. Agave is not as healthy as everyone makes it out to be.
    • Mi-Del Honey Grahams. These have been our go-to sweet treat for years. They are sweetened with honey and molasses and are made with whole wheat. One square would be about 1 gram of sugar. I buy these from Vitacost. Use my link to get $10 off your first purchase. I will also get $10 so everyone will be happy! You can refer your friends and get $10, too!
    • Real Dark Chocolate. I’m not talking Hershey’s Special Dark. And, I’m not talking eating the whole bar. Buy a good quality chocolate bar with a high cacao percentage. It should only have a couple of grams of sugar per serving. Eat a square in the evening for a treat a couple of nights a week.  Try Alter Eco Organic Dark Chocolate Blackout 85% Cocoa. It’s got a clean ingredient list and a low sugar count. If you only eat one square, it’s about 1 gram of sugar per serving. This chocolate bar is on sale at Vitacost right now. With the $10 off in addition to the sale, you could really stock up on your healthy snacks!

Hope these tips help! I’ll check back in with you soon! Keep us posted in the comment section below.


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4 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Sugar Purification Series: 6 Tips & Tricks to Get You Through

  1. smallftprints

    I love your advice … it’s doable! Do you recommend molasses as an acceptable sweetener. I was once told that if we crave sweet stuff it’s because our diet isn’t balanced. The idea was that healthy, whole foods contain natural sugars and if we’re eating a variety of fruits and veggies, we really shouldn’t be craving sweets. I will say that since becoming a vegan and trying to add a variety of foods to our diet, I rarely crave sweets. When I do, I tend to want things like oranges and bananas. Thanks so much for this series … I’m learning a lot!

    1. Lisa Post author

      I agree! When I eat pineapple during a sugar purification, it’s like heaven! Nothing like a good, sweet orange, too. I do use molasses, although I haven’t during a purification. I don’t see why you couldn’t, though, if you use unsulfured or especially blackstrap. It’s full of nutrients. I definitely use it when I’m not purifying. I just made a vegan gingerbread cake with it over the weekend and it was scrumptious!

      1. smallftprints

        Oh great … thanks for that! I have a recipe for pumpkin cookies made with whole wheat flour, pumpkin, cinnamon, and molasses to sweeten it a bit. They aren’t real sweet but just enough. In fact, they are recipe that I found for dog treats but they have such wholesome ingredients that we enjoy them too … so I make some for the dog … some for us! :-)

        1. Lisa Post author

          I would venture to say molasses is a better vegan sweetener than agave. There has been a lot written lately about how agave isn’t as healthy as was once thought.

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