6 Free Ways to Start the Year Off Right

Happy New Year! Sorry I’ve been ignoring you over the past month, but I’ve been thinking of you often! Now, it’s time to get back in the groove and get 2015 started off right! Here’s how:

6 Free Ways to Start the New Year off Right

  1. January 7, 7:00pm: Webinar – “Begin the Journey to Better Health & Wellness”
    • I will be giving this presentation as part of the Enhance and Support the Caregiver Lifestyle webinar series hosted by Care Keepers, Inc. If you are caring for someone, whether it be a sick relative, elderly parent, grandchild, special needs child, the list goes on – don’t miss this webcast. Spaces still available so register now.
  2. January 8, 6:30pm: “Healthy New Year’s Resolutions” presentation, Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance, 421 N. Boundary Street
    • Debbi Dunn of Sage Holistic Health & Wellness will share her expertise as a holistic health consultant, herbalist, and chef to help us make 2015 a year of successful healthy resolutions. Read Debbi’s guest post, Mindful Eating for Energy, to get an idea of how awesome Debbi is!
    • You can RSVP on Facebook. An RSVP is not required to attend, but it’s always nice to have an idea of how many are coming.
  3. Coming soon! A post-holiday sugar purification with The Wellness Wife!
    • Join me as I purge from the sweet treats of the holiday season and get back on track for a healthy 2015!
    • Look for a post later this week to get started. In the meantime, check out one of my previous posts on sugar purification to get an idea of what sugar does to your body and why you should join me in my newest challenge.
  4. February 10, 7:00pm: “Shop Healthy, Save Money?” presentation, LWell, 301 Village Ave., Yorktown
    • Just what it sounds like! Shopping healthy does not have to break the bank. I will be talking about how you can actually SAVE money by buying healthy foods!
    • This presentation and Debbi Dunn’s on January 8 are part of a free monthly lecture series that focuses on healthy living. If you are interested in receiving updates about future presentations, email me at thewife@thewellnesswife.com to be added to the email invite list.
  5. Read The Story with The Wellness Wife. The Story is the Bible in an abbreviated form with the chapter and verse numbers removed to facilitate easy reading. Some of my readers and I are reading it together, one chapter a week.
  6. Subscribe to The Wellness Wife! Reading The Wellness Wife will give you tips on how to succeed in your New Year’s resolutions all year long!
    • Want healthy recipes? Check. Want tips on how to save money? Check. Need pointers on how to buy products that are safer for you and the environment? Check. Want passages and devotionals that help you grow closer to God this year? Check.
    • If you’d like to receive notifications of all of posts on The Wellness Wife AND invites to future events, simply subscribe at the top of the right sidebar!

Here’s to a 2015 full of successful resolutions! Let me help you!

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